Money Tree, Pachira Aquatica Twisted Stem

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Originating from wetlands in Central and South America, this is an exotic looking specimen with large glossy leaves and a plaited stem. 
In Asia it is called the Money Tree and belongs to the Feng Shui plant group. In parts of Asia, it is believed that the plant brings good luck and prosperity to homes and offices. The Pachira is the ideal gift for “house warming” parties. 

Best space & place

It requires bright indirect light, but direct sunlight will scorch the leaves and result in white patches.

When to water & feed

Also known as the Guiana Chestnut, this intriguing specimen grows by the water, hence the addition of 'Aquatica' but doesn't need as much watering as you would expect. Storing water in its bulbous trunk. 

Need to know 

The stems are incredibly delicate so moving around your home may mean some are bent, and these should just be clipped away. They are incredibly fast growing so are replaced very quickly. 


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