Olive Trees, Tall Natural Loose Head, Olea Europaea

Olive Trees, Tall Natural Loose Head, Olea Europaea

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These smaller sized trees still produce olives and beautiful foliage but are more easily manageable, and can be grown in pots on balconies, in patio gardens and make a fantastic entrance pairing. 

They also make the perfect gift when coupled with a nice terracotta or fiberclay pot as pictured. 

Best space & place

Olives are very easy-going, they need a good sunny spot, and not too much water. They are hardy in most parts of the UK. 

When to water & feed

Overwatering is the most likely cause of olive tree problems. They need good draining compost and watering around once a week in summer, less frequently in winter. 

Need to know 

We do not recommend keeping olive trees indoors as they require direct light and good airflow. 

Decorative pot not included, available to buy here. The plant will be delivered in a plastic nursery pot. 

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