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Apple Tree, Malus Golstar

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Malus Domestica Gloster or the Gloster Apple is a late-season, sweet and aromatic eating (dessert) apple that can also be used for cooking and making preserves. In spring expect beautiful pale pink blossoms before attractive red-flushed fruit arrive in early autumn. 
For no fuss or mess you can put the plant in the growing pot it arrives in straight inside a decorative one. This also allows allows excess water to be drained after watering. 
For a good fit the opening (not diameter) and height of the new decorative pot need to be several centimetres greater than the current growing pot.
Here are recommended sizes - 

Size Diameter / Height Minimum Decorative Pot Opening Required
2 Litre

⌀17cm H13cm


4 Litre

⌀20cm H16.5cm


7 Litre

⌀25cm H20cm


10 Litre

⌀28cm H22.5cm 


15 Litre

⌀33cm H30cm


20 Litre

⌀35.5cm H32.5cm



For a seamless finish where the plant is potted into the decorative pot, liners are available to prevent water leaking and the pot from damage.

We also offer a potting service

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