Plant Drop Dryopteris affinis 5L Dryopteris - Lush Garden Ferns
Plant Drop Dryopteris dil. Lepidota 5L Dryopteris - Lush Garden Ferns
Plant Drop Dryopteris filix-mas 5L Dryopteris - Lush Garden Ferns
Plant Drop Dryopteris - Lush Garden Ferns

Dryopteris - Lush Garden Ferns

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Dryopteris are lush garden ferns, bearing long, upright, fronds.

Despite needing shade to thrive, Dryopteris happily tolerates several hours of sun each day, and is more wind-resistant than most ferns. It’s a great choice for damp, shady parts of the garden, where it has an understated presence.

Our most common pot sizes for reference.
The plant height and width varies by plant, season and grower. 

Size Diameter / Height Plants You Might Find Inside


⌀9cm H8.5cm
Young plants potted on by the nursery in the past 12 months. Easy to establish when planted in Autumn or Spring, and will put on growth fast.

1 Litre

 ⌀13cm H11cm

The standard size for kitchen herbs and annual bedding.
2 Litre
⌀17cm H13cm The standard size for perennials.

4 Litre

⌀20cm H16.5cm
Larger perennials or small / young / dwarf shrubs. Also grasses, roses and small climbers.

7 Litre

⌀25cm H20cm

More established perennials, grasses, roses. Small shrubs and very young trees.

10 Litre

⌀28cm H22.5cm 
Climbers, shrubs, evergreen hedging, young or dwarf trees.

15 Litre

⌀33cm H30cm
Mature or larger growing specimens.

20 Litre

⌀35.5cm H32.5cm
Palms, olive trees, trees 1.5m+