Mexican Fan Palm, Washingtonia Robusta

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Washingtonia are impressive palms suited to indoors in the colder months but can be relocated outdoors when the temperature is reliably over 5 degrees.
The Washingtonia is native to the southern United States and the north of Mexico. The plant is also known as the Mexican Fan Palm because of its large fan-shaped leaves.
Tall, fast-growing,  and evergreen, the slender trunk swells at the base when it ages. Large fan-shaped leaves with leaflets up to 1.5m long can carry sprays of small white flowers, followed by dark brown fruits. 
Our most common pot sizes for reference.
The plant height and width varies by plant, season and grower.
Size Diameter / Height Fits Decorative Pot Plants You Might Find Inside


⌀9cm H8.5cm



Young plants easy to establish when planted in Autumn or Spring. 





Small habit houseplants - cacti, succulents, etc.


1 Litre

 ⌀13cm H11cm



The standard size for kitchen herbs, annual bedding

Hanging houseplants.

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⌀17cm H13cm



The standard size for perennials.

Medium sized houseplants.

4 Litre

⌀20cm H16.5cm



Larger perennials or small / young / dwarf shrubs. Also grasses, roses, and small climbers.

7 Litre

⌀25cm H20cm



Mature perennials, grasses, roses. Small shrubs and very young trees.

Large houseplants. 

10 Litre

⌀28cm H22.5cm 



Climbers, shrubs, evergreen hedging, young or dwarf trees.

15 Litre

⌀33cm H30cm



Mature or larger growing specimens.

Tall & tree form houseplants.

20 Litre

⌀35.5cm H32.5cm



Palms, olive trees, trees 1.5m+

Super sized houseplants.




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