Terracotta Flowerpot, Made in Italy

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Traditional terracotta pot. Simple, stylish and still crafted. 

    Diameter: 31cm
    Height: 26.3cm
    Depth: 26cm
    Diameter: 31cm
    Opening: 29cm
      Diameter: 35cm Height: 30cm
      Depth: 28cm
      Diameter: 35cm
      Opening: 33cm
        Diameter: 40cm

        Our most common pot sizes for reference.
        The plant height and width varies by plant, season and grower.
        Size Diameter / Height Fits Decorative Pot Plants You Might Find Inside


        ⌀9cm H8.5cm



        Young plants easy to establish when planted in Autumn or Spring. 





        Small habit houseplants - cacti, succulents, etc.


        1 Litre

         ⌀13cm H11cm



        The standard size for kitchen herbs, annual bedding

        Hanging houseplants.

        2 Litre

        ⌀17cm H13cm



        The standard size for perennials.

        Medium sized houseplants.

        4 Litre

        ⌀20cm H16.5cm



        Larger perennials or small / young / dwarf shrubs. Also grasses, roses, and small climbers.

        7 Litre

        ⌀25cm H20cm



        Mature perennials, grasses, roses. Small shrubs and very young trees.

        Large houseplants. 

        10 Litre

        ⌀28cm H22.5cm 



        Climbers, shrubs, evergreen hedging, young or dwarf trees.

        15 Litre

        ⌀33cm H30cm



        Mature or larger growing specimens.

        Tall & tree form houseplants.

        20 Litre

        ⌀35.5cm H32.5cm



        Palms, olive trees, trees 1.5m+

        Super sized houseplants.




        Our library of plant care guides with useful information can be viewed here.