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As Seen In - House Plant Appearances In Stunning Interiors

House plants have become as much a part of an interior designers' scheme as the furniture. A fiddle leaf fig tree (Ficus Lyrata) is a crucial as an Eames chair. The swiss cheese plant (Monstera Deliciosa) as lifting in a room as an abstract canvas.

We can all create more compelling and emotive spaces by embracing the wonderful specimens that are available to us. Exotic species you couldn't grow outdoors in this country but can thrive in your sun-baked living room, or trail in a humid wet bathroom like it would in a rainforest canopy. 

Tailoring plants to their ideal locations - the environments already occurring within our homes - can make them an easy to care for addition. Our experience has always been the bigger, the better, even in a small space. The right plant in the right place can become the focal point or sculptural element to any space. 

Here are some of our picks from the design pages, blogs, and interior designers. 

Understated Country Chic 

AU Bespoke Founder Anna Unwin’s Cambridgeshire home is a minimalist but warm space. In our opinion, the accent plants in each room, the calming green, works in a similar way to a colourful canvas in a minimal white room, but is slightly more muted and subtle. 

The Swiss cheese plant became a bit of an instagram cliche, but when used in the right setting, and in the form of a moss pole - most people don't realise it is a climber that needs support when it grows to a certain size - it is both minimalist and calming. 

A similar understated statement is made in the bedroom and living space with the architectural might of the fiddle leaf fig - the plant of 2020/21 - and the Boston fern with its lush foliage. 

Who needs the Farrow and Ball colour card spectrum when you have greens like these? 
Story: @elledecorationuk Owner/Designer:@aubespokestudio Photography: @michaelsinclair Styling: @houseofgreylondon