How To Create A City Country Garden - Plant Drop

How To Create A City Country Garden

Country style has infiltrated the city garden, with mismatched clusters of terracotta pots, wayward bloomers and self-seeders galore, this is the new style in vogue with designers.

Billowing Bloomers

No city country garden would be the same without these sun-loving big bloomers.

Shade Lovers

Every city garden has a shaded corner, but that doesn't have to mean boring. Embrace all kinds and forms of ferns and hostas.


Where would we be without topiary? It connects city to country like nothing else. Especially when its Yew.

Antique Fairs

Shop vintage planters, from fairs like Kempton and Ardingly; scavenge salvage yards and auction houses. Recylce, upcycle and piece together beautifully.

Feed pollinators

Choose bee-friendly plants, or if you have a slightly larger plot, why not establish your own hive?  Find out more with the British Beekeeper Association.

Terracotta Pots

Combine terracotta of all colours and styles for a non-uniform look to contrast with the clean lines of the city.