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Bucida 'Shady Lady'

A top choice of architects and interior landscapers for office buildings or private residences with tall ceilings. They are prized for looking most like an outdoor tree. 


This beautiful tropical tree originally comes from Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and the north of South America. The tree is known by many names, such as Bullet Tree, Black Olive Tree and Geometry Tree. It is a 'bushy' tree with green-blue leaves that are leathery to the touch and 5 to 10 centimetres long. The wood of the 'Shady lady' is particularly hard and very resistant to fungus and insects. The wood is therefore sometimes used as construction wood for buildings.




The slow-growing Bucida buceras 'Shady lady' needs a lot of light and can be placed in a sunny spot or in a spot with some light shade. The best position is one to two metres in front of a north-facing window, two to three metres in front of an east or west-facing window and three to four metres in front of a south-facing window. If the Bucida buceras 'Shady lady' is too dark it will stop growing. The Bucida stays full all year round, with fresh green-blue leaves.

Bucida buceras 'Shady lady' belongs to the Indian almond family Combretaceae, which includes over 500 species of trees, shrubs and lianas. There are more than 20 species of Bucida, but Bucida buceras 'Shady lady' is the best-known variety.


The Bucida is easy to care for, however does need a lot of water. The soil should be well-drained and should not dry out. If there is not enough water, the plant will drop its leaves. Make sure that the soil is always slightly moist. In spring and summer water regularly and thoroughly, once every week or two. In autumn and winter allow a little longer between waterings. Make sure that excess water can drain away to prevent root rotting.

Watering and temperature

On warm days, the Bucida buceras 'Shady lady' greatly appreciates being sprayed. The minimum temperature for the tree is 15°C, the most ideal temperature is between 24 - 28°C.


The slow-growing Bucida buceras 'Shady lady' does not need much pruning. However, it is best to cut away the longest shoots in order to maintain the tree's beautiful shape and to prevent it from becoming too heavy on top. You can also remove any dry leaves. Pruning should preferably be done in the spring when the tree is not yet growing actively.


The Bucida buceras will certainly appreciate extra nutrition in the spring and summer months, and this will promote the tree's preservation.