Fiddle-Leaf Fig, Ficus Lyrata - Plant Drop

Fiddle-Leaf Fig, Ficus Lyrata

The majestic fiddle leaf (Ficus Lyrata) is very easy to care for, once it gets used to its new home. 
Fiddle-leaf figs do have a tendency to drop their leaves when getting used to their environment, so this is not something to panic about. Once it has acclimatised to its new environment it is best to keep it in that happy spot you have found for it. 
They thrive in bright indirect light. They are happy with some direct sun and partial shade. We suggest turning the plant in hot summer months to benefit the plant on all sides. 
They like a moderate amount of water, and a good way to know when to water is if the top inch of compost is dry. They don't like to sit in water so to allow the plant to drain, we place it in its plastic pot straight inside the decorative one. 
In Spring & Summer a feed with liquid general purpose plant feed every two weeks will do it wonders. 
Wiping the leaves with a damp cloth can help remove dust so the leaves can absorb as much light as possible.
Fiddle-leaf figs like good humidity so mist regularly or use a humidifier. Misting the leaves directly can cause deposits, so it is suggested to use filtered or rain water for this.

The fiddle-leaf is also more suited to drier conditions. If the environment becomes extremely dry, like in the height of a heatwave, then a misting machine at a distance from the leaves, or a pebble tray below is a better option. 
Yellow leaves = overwatering.
Cripsy, curling leaves = underwatered or low humidity. 
Red rusting under the leaves is very common and not something to be concerned with.