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Ficus Elastica - Robusta, Tineke, Belize

The Ficus Elastica, known commonly as the rubber tree, is as hardy as old rubber. It can handle various light conditions and is okay with some neglect. The only real killer is overwatering. 
They were called rubber plants because of the milky latex sap inside the stem which was once used to make natural rubber. This is toxic if ingested so care must be taken where kids or pets share the space of the plant. 
They thrive in bright indirect light. The leaves are prone to burning in direct sun. The can adapt to lower light but growth will be leggy and leaning towards the light.
We suggest turning the plant in hot summer months to allow all leaves to absorb light for photosynthesis.
They require a minimum temperature of 12 degrees celsius.
Allow the top two inches of soil to dry out between waterings. This is usually about once a week in the summer, and every two weeks in winter, but always check the soil before watering as under is better than over.  
Apply a general purpose houseplant feed in the summer months. This is not required in the first 6 to 12 months of purchase as our plants are potted by growers with high grade potting soil with required nutrients included. 
The leaves benefit from a damp wipe from time to time to remove dust, facilitate more light transmission, and keep looking glossy. They can be sprayed with Plantsmith leaf shine beautifying spray. 
They do not overly benefit from misting of the leaves like other Ficus, but adding moisture to the air will help on the hottest days. 
Yellow leaves = overwatering.
Cripsy, curling leaves = under-watered or low humidity / dry air.