How To Assemble Hydroculture - Plant Drop

How To Assemble Hydroculture


1. Installing a liner

A liner is needed to make the planter entirely watertight. Ensure the liner is the same depth as the size of the plant’s cultivation pot.

2. Place the liner in the planter

Ensure the liner comes to just below the edges of the planter. If your planter is too deep, fill it with a layer of granules and place the liner on top of them.

3. Add nutrients

Now sprinkle solid hydroculture feed (HD5) in the liner. Use 4 tablespoons for large plants (>1.50m). For smaller plants (<1.50m), 2 tablespoons is sufficient.

4. Place the plant and the water level indicator in the planter

Now, place the water level indicator and the plant, with an extra scoop of granules for stability, on the bottom of the liner. Note: always leave the plant in the cultivation pot. If you do not place the plant and the water level indicator on the bottom of the liner, the water level indicator will not give an accurate reading, because a certain amount of water will always remain behind that is not measured.

5. Top up with granules

Top up the planter with more granules and place a layer of decorative stones on top as required. The granules could produce white deposits after a while. These white deposits are minerals and not mould, as many people assume. They are totally harmless to the plant. A layer of decorative stones or Vulkastrat substrate will prevent the visibility of these depos