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Plantsmith Plant Elixirs

After testing Plantsmith's various elixirs, our plant experts were impressed with the results and found them comparable to nursery-grade products, but with a more aesthetically pleasing look and ergonomic design for use in the home. 

Plantsmith was started to help plant lovers get the very best out of their indoor greenery. Born from over 40 years of horticultural experience, their products combine professional formulations with easy application to provide everything your houseplants need to thrive.

We selected three products we think are invaluable when looking after the new houseplants we bring you. 

Beautifying leaf-shine as we all want those big fiddle-leaves and other green-leaved plants to shine radiantly. 

Perfecting Houseplant Care Mist, as we all know to mist, but the hard water from our taps can be full of minerals that can leave deposits on leaves. This formulation won't leave a mark, and will freshen the leaves with beneficial ingredients. 

Fortifying Houseplant Tonic is perfect for feeding season (March – September), containing essential nutrients to help plants grow. 

These elixirs are all available in gift sets perfect for when gifting one of our wonderful houseplants.