Semi-Hydroculture Care Guide

Semi-Hydroculture Care Guide

How it works

Semi-hydroculture is a system designed to make plant care easier for potted indoor plants.

This is because a water reservoir is created below the plant from which its roots can draw water when needed, but also any excess water can be collected, protecting the roots from sitting in water and rotting.  

Water from the top like you would any normal soil plant (not via the tube as this can become clogged with potting medium). 

The roots also take time to grow into the reservoir so bottom watering takes time to establish.  

The water gauge indicates that water has passed through the rootball and the minimum and maximum level shows how much water is available to the plant (the plant will only be able to access this once its roots have established). 

We still recommend having a regular routine to check the plant and to do a soil test to see if the topsoil has begun to dry out before watering. 

Why choose this system? 

This system reduces the chance of overwatering, and most importantly root rot as the roots are not sitting in a pool of water which would gather in the bottom of a sealed indoor pot or liner without excess drainage.