Strelitzia - Birds Of Paradise - Plant Drop

Strelitzia - Birds Of Paradise

Strelitzia are large and impressive plants, that can thrive in homes if given the right conditions - a moist and bright environment. 
The leaves split naturally as the plant matures, so this cannot be avoided. It evolved this mechanism to cope with strong winds, allowing them to pass through without toppling the plant, and to allow sun to filter down to the lower leaves. 

Thrives in bright indirect light. Shade from direct sun as this will scorch the leaves.
During the growing months (March to September) the soil needs to stay constantly moist. When the soil is starting to become dry to touch, water well and allow any excess water to drain away (or empty the saucer or decorative pot), as the roots do not like to sit in water.

In winter months when the plant becomes dormant, gradually reduce watering to allow the soil to dry out between waterings. 
  Strelitzia can be sensitive to hard tap water. Try using filtered water, spring water or leaving water out overnight before using.
Strelitzia require a humid environment, with moisture in the air to keep the leaves fresh and green. As our homes are dry and warm, it is crucial to mist regularly.

In addition to misting, when temperatures rise above 20 degrees, it is paramount to ventilate the home and allow air to flow.

Browning spots, curling leaves: humidity too low, soil too dry. 

Bleached white scorched leaves: exposed to direct harsh sun.