Weeping Fig, Ficus Benjamina - Plant Drop

Weeping Fig, Ficus Benjamina

Weeping Fig trees have many small leaves which cascade and catch the light in such a wonderful way.
These trees are prone to dropping leaves with changing location and the change in temperature, so in winter a few can be lost even on a tree that has been in that spot for many years. 
They thrive in bright indirect light and a steady temperature of at least 16°C ( no colder than 13°C in winter) to thrive.
Direct sun can scorch the leaves in the height of the summer.
They like to stay very slightly moist, so the best way to know when to water is if the top inch of compost is dry. They are very pronea to root rot so do not let them sit in water. 
In Spring & Summer a feed with liquid general purpose plant feed every two weeks will do it wonders. 
These ficus absorb moisture through their leaves so misting regularly will help keep the plant healthy. It will also increase the humidity, especially important where heating or a lack of airflow may have reduced moisture in the air. 
Draughts, poor light levels, incorrect watering, low temperatures and moving the plants around can all cause the leaves to drop.