Citrus trees are wonderful ornamentals but also can produce a delicious crop, even here in the UK.
We do not recommend placing citrus trees indoors as they struggle with the lack of airflow and the light levels are usually too low.

Grow in full sun. 

plant pot
Citrus are quite happy in pots and it is best not to plant them in the ground in case they need moving under shelter in the winter.
The plant will be quite happy in the pot it was delivered in for some years but if you want to repot into a decorative pot make sure it is only slightly larger and be careful not to disturb the roots. Make sure there is a hole for drainage.

water regularly
Water freely and regularly in summer to help the plant put energy into fruiting. If possible water with rainwater. 
Reduce watering in winter to when the compost has become dry on top. 

Citrus are hungry plants and should be fed all year round with summer citrus feed, which is high in nitrogen, from late March to October, and winter citrus feed from November to mid-March.


Citrus plants need warmth, light and humidity to thrive so problems are often caused by deficiency in one of these areas.