Acer Palmatum 'Bloodgood', Japanese Maple

Acer Palmatum 'Bloodgood', Japanese Maple

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Acer trees are a statement plant, with delicate leaves and floating canopies they are a wonderful thing to behold and can bring peace and balance to a garden. 

Acer Palmatum 'Bloodgood' is an impressive Japanese Maple, with deep red-purple leaves, turning crimson in autumn. The leaves appear later than many other cultivars, reducing the risk of damage by spring frost.

They are naturally shade lovers so can really help brighten a shaded patio or courtyard. Be careful when placing in full sun as it can scorch the leaves. 

Grow in a moist but well-drained soil. Water in summer if necessary. Leaf colour is best in partial shade, although full sun can be tolerated. Leaf scorch can be caused by lack of soil moisture, drying winds or late spring frost.

Please note these trees are deciduous, so they lose their leaves in autumn/winter and regrow in spring.

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