Satin Silk Pothos, Scindapsus Pictus - Plant Drop
Satin Silk Pothos, Scindapsus Pictus - Plant Drop

Scindapsus Pictus, Satin Silk Pothos, Peat Free

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Fits Decorative Pot Opening: 16cm+

Location: Medium Light

Scindapsus are evergreen climbers, clinging by roots to any surface.Tiny flowers are borne in a dense spike within a spathe but are rarely seen in cultivation - but it could be you!

'Trebie' is a slow-growing evergreen twiner with dark green ovate leaves spotted with silver on upper surface. 

Best space & place
Bright humid spot, the bathroom is the perfect home for this trailing plant. 

Watering & feeding
Water when the soil has slightly dried out. Water less in winter.

Need to know
If not in a humid spot like the bathroom then mist regularly. It could also use support to climb and tail further and wider. 

Size Information

Tendrils: 20-30cm
Nursery Potsize:  ø15cm/H11cm 
Decorative Pot Opening Required: 16cm+


Decorative pot not included, available to buy here. The plant will be delivered in a plastic nursery pot.

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