Caryota Mitis, Burmese Fishtail Palm

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The Caryota is a palm that is native to Asia and Australia. The feathered, triangular leaves slightly resemble the tail of a fish, hence its common name. 

Evergreen palm with clustered stems bearing rich green leaves to 4m in length, composed of triangular leaflets, and panicles of creamy-white flowers in summer

Best space & place
This palm likes moderate light levels. Direct sun will scorch leaves while too little light will stunt growth and could cause browning. 

When to water & feed
This palm likes to stay moist, so water whenever the soil is dry to the touch. It also loves humidity so mist regularly to keep looking good. 

Need to know
Dust build up on leaves can prevent light absorption, so wiping it away is a great help to your fishtail palm. 

Size Information:

Height (Including pot):  115cm
Width (Furthest leaf to leaf):
Nursery Potsize (Diameter / Height):  ø21cm / H19cm
Decorative Pot Required (Opening / Internal Height): 22cm+ / H20cm+
For no fuss or mess you can put the plant in the growing pot it arrives in straight inside a decorative one. This also allows allows excess water to be drained after watering. 
For a good fit the opening (not diameter) and height of the new decorative pot need to be several centimetres greater than the current growing pot.
Here are recommended sizes - 

Size Diameter / Height Minimum Decorative Pot Opening Required
2 Litre

⌀17cm H13cm


4 Litre

⌀20cm H16.5cm


7 Litre

⌀25cm H20cm


10 Litre

⌀28cm H22.5cm 


15 Litre

⌀33cm H30cm


20 Litre

⌀35.5cm H32.5cm



For a seamless finish where the plant is potted into the decorative pot, liners are available to prevent water leaking and the pot from damage.

We also offer a potting service

Our library of plant care guides with useful information can be viewed here.

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