Flexible Square Indoor Plant Pot Liners

Flexible Square Indoor Plant Pot Liners

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These flexible square liners can be inserted and fitted inside indoor plant pots to provide extra protection. 

The liners can also be used to adapt outdoor planters with a drainage hole for indoor use by keeping the plant rootball in the liner and watering only within the liner.

Liners come in standard sizes so for unique and interesting pots it is best to choose the closest size to the internal dimensions of your pot or planter.

The liners can be trimmed with scissors to height. 

Please note the liner is 100% watertight but only if the plant is watered within the confines of the liner, any small gap in the fit can allow water to travel down the sides, so care must still be taken when watering. 

Size Information

Small Width: 32cm
Lenght: 32cm 
Height: 30cm 
Medium Width: 38cm
Lenght: 38cm 
Height: 30cm 
Large Width: 48cm
Lenght: 48cm 
Height: 35cm 

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